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Day sailing is sailing with sailers that do not have a cabin, such are for example Optimist, Laser, Europa, Jola, Elan S370, S430, Flying Scott or »Leilani« sailers. Day sailing boats are of different kinds: Optimist sailers are used mostly for learning how to sail, Laser, Jola or Elan S370 are appropriate for sportive sailing for one person, and Elan 430, Flying Scott and »Leilani« are appropriate for relaxation and recreation and can be called family day sailers.


Joy for the whole family

Family day sailing boats that Leilani Sailers offer enable the whole family to enjoy in smooth swinging on the waves. Up to 5 persons can go on board, however there is only one sailor needed to manage the boat. Spending the vacation or weekends on a lake, water-storage lake or sea brings relaxation, enables exploring the shore, swimming in quiet bays or far away from the shore. The passengers onboard can lay on the sun while sailing, or spend their time onboard fishing or reading a book. Leilani Sailers boats have removable keel, therefore you can sail with them even to very shallow waters which can be otherwise accessed only by paddle boats.

Affordable joy

Day sailing is an excellent way of enjoying on the water and in the nature, affordable for people with average incomes. The main advantage of day sailing boat is that you do not need to pay an expensive marine for the whole year if you do not want to. You can take a day sailer with car with you when you go on vacation and take it back when you go home. You put a day sailer into the water and take it out by a car and a trailer. It is easy, much cheaper than launching with a lift and will take only half an hour.


Marine is not the only place where you can leave a day sailer on the water. A buoy or a rope in a smaller port will be just fine and much cheaper. To avoid inconveniences, a lock with a chain will do in such places.

If you live near by a lake, water-storage lake or on a seaside, maybe you find nearby a cheaper place for your day sailer where you can leave it the whole year. There it will be ready to use it whenever you have few hours of time and feel like sailing.

A motor engine is not necessary equipment for a day sailer. A pair of oars is just enough as a secondary drive, if the wind stops blowing. This way you can save a big expense, unavoidable with motor boat. However, our day sailers enable putting the motor engine on as a secondary drive, so you can use them for sailing when the wind is good, and as a motor boat when the wind stops or when you want to move quicker.

Also for less experienced sailors

A day sailing boat is very appropriate for less experienced saliors or beginners who want to learn sailing. They can improve their sailing skills with a day sailer on lakes or water-storage lakes, when wind is not too strong. However the experienced sailors will find their joy in sailing with Leailani Sailers boats as well, going with it on a sea or sailing in stronger winds. If you want to learn some basic facts about this beautiful sport, a good starting point are some information for beginners that we offer on this web pages.


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26. Jan. 2007:
Leilani Sailers in neuen Raumen in Selnica bei Maribor.

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