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LS-15 hull 1

General description

We introduce the first model in a series of Leilani day sailers – LS-15. LS-15 is basically made for a family sailing on lakes, water-storage lakes or on the seaside, however it's long waterline ensures pleasure also for well experienced sailors and sportive sailing. LS-15 is made for up to 5 people. It is designed to be very stable on the water.

LS-15 has a removable keel , which enables you to sail in low waters. At the same time it helps if you strand – if this happened, you just remove the keel and push yourself with oars into the deeper water.

When designing the LS-15 we considered comfort and well-being of sailors and passengers. Leilani Sailer LS-15 is equipped with wooden seats, and on the deck there is enough space to lay on it and sun. Under the deck there is a space for some hand luggage (drinks, clothes etc.) which you might want to take with you when sailing.

Technical specifications

Length overall/hull/waterline 4,8 m/4,6 m
Beam 1,8 m
Draught 0,15 m
Draft 0,7 m
Mast height (board up) 7,0 m
Weight (approx.) 145 kg
Cockpit size 2,8 m x 1,65 m
No. of passengers do 5
Sail area Main - 9,2 m2
Jib - 5,2 m2
Total - 14,4 m2
LS-15 hull 2
LS-15 hull 3
LS-15 hull 4
LS-15 hull 5
LS-15 data


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26. Apr. 2007:
Leilani Sailers in new chambers in Selnica at Maribor.

You are invited to join the web surwey whether you are interested in buying a day sailer, or to send us your comments on LS-15.

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