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DVŠ Skipper Marina
DVŠ Skipper Marina

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Avtošola Go-Go


Timarr systems, Tine Marinšek s.p.
Falska cesta 110
2342 Ruše
ID for VAT: SI19549482
email: leilani_sailers@email.si

Matjaž Gorički
GSM: ++386(0)41 729 240

Darinka Verdonik
GSM: ++386(0)41 453 536

Tomaž Pirš
GSM: ++386(0)41 408 012

Tine Marinšek
GSM: ++386(0)41 453 537


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26. Apr. 2007:
Leilani Sailers in new chambers in Selnica at Maribor.

You are invited to join the web surwey whether you are interested in buying a day sailer, or to send us your comments on LS-15.

A Survey

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If you are interested, what price for a day sailer is acceptable to you?

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